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Our community website was developed by to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

It was brought to the attention of the Board that a man was checking car door handles around 2am on Sunday morning near the 6711 building.  It is unclear if other areas of the property were also checked.  There have been no reports to the Board of anything stolen or missing.  The person is described as a tall, thin, white male.


A Police Report has been filed.


Any residents that were vandalized are encouraged to report their incident to the Olde Mill HOA via OldeMillBoard@gmail.com or (303)-741-4101 (message) and your information will be added to the report.


All residents are encouraged to call 911 should they see any suspicious activity on our HOA property.

HOA News

Rules and Regulations Have Been Approved!

The updated Homeowners Manual with the Rules and Regulations contained within have been reviewed and approved by the Board.  Each Homeowner and Tenant will receive a copy once they have been printed.  You may also visit the Rules and Regulations page on this site and download the current copy. 


All Homeowners and Tenants need to register, update your profile or  use the paper registration document.  



Parking - Register Your Vehicle

With our current parking concerns and updated rules and regulations, everyone must register or re-register and include their vehicle information - including your license plate number.  
Remember, we have received a request from the Villas at Homestead to not park on the apartment side of the parking lots.  These are owned by Villas at Homestead and are reserved for their tenants.  They have the right to tow any vehicle that is not registered with the apartment complex.  We want to be good neighbors, so please park on our side of the parking area.
We know parking spots can be a challenge.  So conversely, if you find there are residents or visitors of Villas at Homestead parking on condo side of the parking lot, please take a picture of the vehicle and email it to OldeMillBoard@gmail.com.  We will verify if it is a registered vehicle with the HOA.  If it is not, we will tag the vehicle and follow-up per our procedures for registering the vehicle or possible towing in the future.
After all homeowners and tenants have received the new Rules and Regulations, the Board will complete an audit of the vehicles parked on our property.  If your vehicle is not registered we will tag the vehicle and follow-up per our procedures for registering the vehicle or possible towing in the future.

Holiday Lights

The holidays are upon us and lights will be on display.  Please review the rules for holiday lights in our Homeowners Manual.  
  • Decorative holiday lighting (Christmas excepted) is allowed up-to 1 week before and 1 week after the holiday.
  • Christmas holiday lighting is allowed from 1 week before Thanksgiving until 1 week after New-Year’s  Day.

Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.



Dues must be submitted before the 10th of every month to avoid any late fees.   Please see payment options on our Residents --->  HOA Payments Page.

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