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Large Items
The HOA does not have anyone onsite that can help haul your furniture, appliances or other large items.
There are a few companies that will charge you a fee to pickup and haul your large items.  They typically will remove them from your home as well.  Their fees may be listed on their websites.
Donations - If the condition is fair, you may schedule a pickup with a charity company.  However, most donation companies require the large items be placed on ground level.  The board will allow large items that is being picked up to be placed in the north lot with a sign showing the pickup date and company.  For awareness purposes, please notify the board prior to placing items in the north lot. These are free pickup services, but you will need to have large items on ground level.
Some companies that will schedule a pickup are:
If you have mattresses, Spring Back Colorado is a good choice for mattress removal.  They do charge a fee for pickup.